Mr. Frosty

This Ice cream landmark serves up way more than just soft serve. If you haven't been in a while, come on down to Mr. Frosty and get a delicious Flavor Burst ice cream cone, or, new this year, Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It has been a scorcher this year, and lucky for you, you can come to Mr. Frosty to bring to get all kinds of refreshing delectible deserts in one place. If your traveling on I 75, stop by, we're right off of the Franklin exit. Come see the history and revisit the past and find out why Mr. Frosty is truly the best place to stop for some unique quick food and sweets.

Want to know more about your cities favorite place to get treats? Click the link below to learn all about Mr. Frosty, and it's rich history here in Franklin Ohio.

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New in '15 - Hawaiian Shaved Ice

If this is your first time coming to Mr. Frosty's, or if your reliving your 'wonder years', now is the perfect time to stop by and try our newest addittion, Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Nothing helps beat the heat like a refreshing shaved ice. Mr. Frosty wants to remind you that this is no ordinary ice beverage, there is a major difference beteween a "slushie" and an authentic hawaiiain shaved ice (just ask our friends on Facebook).

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Two girls, giggling, enjoying a Shaved Ice